NAME: Da’vian Kimbrough

LOCATION: Woodland, California

When is a kid mature enough to go pro? How about . . . 13 years old? That’s the age Da’vian Kimbrough was this past summer when he signed with Major League Soccer’s Sacramento Republic FC. Then, in October, he became the youngest professional athlete ever to appear in a game.

Da’vian has been playing soccer since he was 4 years old. But he really began attracting attention over the past two years as he scored a total of 61 goals for various youth teams. 

Still, some experts worry about the pressure on teens who turn pro. With that in mind, Sacramento Republic officials insist that Da’vian will be able to progress at his own pace. He will stay close to his family and continue his education while training, they say. 

Da’vian is taking it as it comes. “I was a little nervous,” he told Good Morning America about his debut. “But I feel like once I stepped on [the field], it was more exciting than anything. I tried to silence the noise and just play soccer.”