2024 Eyewitness to History Contest

We read about history all the time. But chances are someone you know has experienced it. Maybe they have:

  • Rallied for change
  • Survived a natural disaster
  • Lived through a war

Whatever it is, we want you to help tell that story!

DEADLINE: December 20, 2023

Winning interview gets published in Junior Scholastic. You and your teacher will also each get $250! Two runners-up will each get $50.

2024 Can You Find Mapman®? Contest

Learn more about this nation’s history, life, and people through our Can You Find Mapman®? contest. Answer the questions, figure out the final destination, and draw a map of that country.

DEADLINE: February 14, 2024

The grand-prize entry will earn $250. (The teacher will win $250 too.) Twenty-five runnerup entries will each earn a Mapman® shirt.


DEADLINE: December 13, 2023

AI Essay Contest

Underline or highlight two benefits and two drawbacks of AI. Then decide: Will AI change our lives for the better? Write a short essay explaining your answer. Use evidence from the article and additional research to support your claim.

Three winners will each get a JS notebook!

VIew Contest Form (PDF)