Exploring Your Issue

Each issue of Junior Scholastic comes with a wealth of resources, including engaging videos, detailed lesson plans, interactive Skill Builder activities, and more!

Find Your Latest Issue

When you log in, you'll be taken to the Teacher homepage. From here, there are many ways to reach your issue. You can click on the Your Latest Issue tile at the top left, or select the Latest Issue tab under In the Spotlight. And no matter where you are on our website, there will always be a Latest Issue link at the very top of the screen, next to our logo.

Junior Scholastic teacher homepage

Explore the Issue Page

On the Issue Page, you'll see some quick-access tiles for your most frequently used teaching resources. With one click, you can download the Teacher's Guide, Answer Key, a bundle of all the Skill Builder worksheets for that issue, and a bundle of lower-level versions of our featured articles. 

Junior Scholastic issue page key assets

You can also click Open Presentation View to launch our digital magazine reader. 

Junior Scholastic open presentation view

In Presentation View, you'll be able to add notes, highlight and spotlight text, and zoom in and out.

Preview the Articles

Scroll down a bit and you'll see all the articles for this issue. For each article you can see the available reading levels and teaching resources.

Junior Scholastic issue page list of articles

Just click on an article to start reading!

Teaching Resources

If you switch to the Teaching Resources tab, you'll see all the resources for this issue listed in one place. You'll see videos, Skill Builder worksheets, lesson plans, answer keys, and leveled articles.

Junior Scholastic issue page teaching resources

HOT TIP: When you see the Google button and icon, that means an interactive version of the Skill Builder can be assigned through Google Classroom!

Junior Scholastic google activities