Every four years, the United States goes through a contentious national ritual: electing its president. Voters are often passionate about the outcome, and the long campaign process sometimes stirs up much anger and conflict. 

Attempting to overcome such divisions is just one of many difficult tasks all presidents must undertake in their role as the nation’s leader (see "What Does the President Really Do?")

Americans are feeling especially divided after the 2020 election. “The country faces a massive repair effort, no matter who wins,” the editors of the Chicago Tribune wrote on Election Day. 

This cartoon comments on the situation. It suggests that fixing the damage will be a task required not only of the next president, Joe Biden­, but also of the nation’s people themselves. Study it, then answer the questions. 

1. What has just happened in the cartoon? What was the result of that event?

2. Who do the people in the cartoon represent? What are they doing?

3. What or who might the figure of Uncle Sam represent? What role is he playing here?

4. If “Post-Election Cement” were real, what elements do you think would go into it?